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Long Sleeve Muscle Top


Our men’s long sleeve muscle top is all about protection – they protect you from the sun’s UV rays as well as they help to keep you warm.  This design allows you to swim, surf, train and be worn as a smart casual t-shirt.  Add it as an accompaniment to jeans or dress pants, just throw on a jacket!

Show off those hours in the gym by wearing this top casually – the figure-hugging shows off those muscles.  Made from high-quality material this rash shirt is not only long lasting but feels amazing to wear.  It is modelled in the attached images in a size S AU.

Muscle Top, Mens Rash Shirt, Fitness Top

Sometimes it is just important to wear a rash shirt whether it be for warmth, sun protection or even modesty in the company of others – whatever your reason, our Long Sleeve Muscle Top could also be called a Mens Rash Shirt or Fitness Top is the perfect addition to every man’s wardrobe.  In this day and age with skin cancer’s being so prevalent – you just need one.

Other’s have purchased this item to show off their body – wearing it to the gym to show the definition in the muscles… the long hours spent pushing weights needs to be shown off sometimes.  Don’t even wear it to the gym – try the next barbeque or social gathering – others will be envious.

Made from high-quality materials with high-quality craftsmanship – you will not be disappointed with this muscle top, mens rash shirt, fitness top.


Weight0.1 kg

Deep-blue, Black, Navy, Red, White

Size (XS-XXL)

Small (28-30), Medium (32-34), Large (34-36), Extra Large (38-40)


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